Monday, August 17, 2009

Impressions of Sugar

Today I am Blogging about my impressions of the Operating System Sugar,

When I first used sugar I thought it was Pretty amazing that a whole fully Operating, operating system on a usb flash drive.
I find it very fun, entertaining and eduactional when using Sugar, as I have now been able to create games using the application Physics, I have also learnt how to "hack" sugar in ways of changing the symbol at the start into a eye, and just today I learnt how to change the layout of the start up menu.
I have also learnt of a laptop that uses sugar as its full operating system. I have used this in class and found it very interesting to use as it has wireless connectivity, it can flip the screen so when you shut it you can use it as a book to read from and much more things this little machine can do that i find very interesting.

Thank you for reading my blog.