Wednesday, July 29, 2009

XO Talk and talk about East Timor

Today Rosemary and David a self funded group,

Talked about their trip to East Timor and how they helped the locals with I.T skills and other things in the computing world.

We were taught a Tetum word, Mallai - which means 'White Man' which is used for any foregners.

We were talked about how the students dont have to go to school and that some children cant afford to go to school.

Rosemary and David introduced the XO to the people. They both went to a conference to discuss the XO with other people to see weather or not to give students their own XO and to discuss weather or not to let them take them home.

We were told that even if people don't have a lot most do own a scooter for transport. Also we found out that mobile phones are common but are not used much as it is expensive.

They also talked about a place where people are trying to make it so businesses can access the internet in East Timor. We found out that most people who own or have use of computers use the operating system Linux.

While they where at Timorleste they had many interactions with many different missionaries. They spoke to missionaries from Australia and America, one missionary's family had all moved to Timorleste and his children get home schooled.

I found the talk very interesting on how people are trying to introduce technology like the XO to a third world country.


  1. This is good as far is it goes but it does lack a fair bit in detail - but you did ask some very good questions which sort of makes up for that

    Recommend that you centre photos in future to avoid the narrow strips of writing down the edge
    5/10 for report (too short)
    +2 bonus for great questions

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