Thursday, September 3, 2009

The last couple of days we have been creating our own Sugar icons to replace the XO icon.

The design I created which was a sword wasnt very hard but as this was my first time creating one it was a bit difficult. I drew my design on a graph piece of paper which my teacher thought would e easier than free hand, he was right. I used HTML kit to create my sword, It was fun and annoying at some points when creating my Sword, I had to keep saving and refreshing the Opera bowser to see my sword at stages. When doing this I learnt a easier method than using my mouse, I used the Alt -Tab button method to switch from document to document. I also used Ctrl - S n R to save and refesh which saved a bit of time. When doing my design on HTML kit I used the document supplied on our drive which had templates to create our design.

Once I had completed my sword I tried to once again "Hack" sugar to replace the XO Icon with my Sword.

This part was a bit difficult for me to do but i persisted and kept trying to do it. I kept hitting speed bumps on my road to replacing the XO icon, things that went wrong were my USB would stop working or my USB would'nt save properly.

One of My last resorts was to ask my teacher, Mr Kerr for help. it took him roughly 7minutes to "Hack" sugar and when he restarted it worked , when I saw that happen I was pretty upset as that he got it to work in one shot when I had tried numerous times. After that I got a new USB and tried once more witht the help of a class mate as ther were only 20minutes left until Lunch.

One thing that I had noticed that Mr Kerr do was that he used a capital "S" in sword like I used when naming the file, I previously did'nt use a capital because one of my Class mates said it didnt matter, IT DID!!

Once I had done that and restarted it worked I was so happy. So I quikly opened the document to retype the stroke and fill coordinates so that it could change into different colours. The stroke key was &stroke_color; and the fill key was *fill_color;. Once I ad that done I knew that my Sugar was "Hacked" and I had done the task as good as i could.

Thanks for reading
DarkDragon Out

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  1. Great that you have reported in some details about problems you had and things you learnt

    It does feel good when you solve a problem finally that is given you trouble!