Monday, November 2, 2009

The Great Race Blog

In the last Couple of lessons of Control Tech we have been doing Activities using a Program on Sugar called "Etoys".

We had been given several tasks to complete over the past few lessons, the last one we did is "The Great Race". I started a bit late compared to other people due to I was away at dentist and orthodontists a lot.

When I started I found some features a bit difficult to go around and monitor, eg. When playing your script you have to make sure your scripts are not touching any part of your Track as it makes your car not follow its destined path. It was a bit difficult to make sure your script was'nt touching the track as there is'nt a lot of room on the screen that is free.

I Had Help making the reset Button but got a good explanation from G.I Joe. I got help with a few other smaller things from, KingJamesFan, Asian-Bruce-Lee and AirSok. I had problems restarting my cars and playing them at the same time wen you press the resart button, however My Control Tech Teacher Mr Kerr helped me solve my Problem which was a great help. The Problem was wenever you cliked stop and restarted it made all the scripts stop ticking which ment when i restarted it wasnt playing, but Mr Kerr help me solve the problem out.

Even though I had Problems with my race I think it turned out alright but couldve been Better.

Thank You for Reading

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